From Points North and West

Points South and West

Points South and East

From Points North and West (St. Johnsbury, Barre, Wells River, Woodsville, NH)

St Johnsbury, VT – follow beautiful Highway 91 into Wells River VT.

Barre, VT – enjoy the rolling hills of Route 302 as you travel into Wells River VT.

Wells River, VT – You will follow Routes 2 and 302 into the town center of historic Wells River. Once in town take a left onto Railroad St./US 302. Continue to follow for 1.2 miles. Take a right onto Dartmouth College Road/NH 10 and enjoy views of the Connecticut River Valley for 4.1 miles. Take a left onto Benton Road-NH 116 for 3 miles.
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Points South and West – (Hanover, NH and Bradford, VT)

Hanover, NH – The quickest way to North Haverhill is to take I-91 and drive north for 16.5 miles. You will enjoy wonderful views of farm country along the Connecticut River. Take exit 15 toward US-5 for Fairlee-Orford, NH. Turn right onto Lake Morey Road for .1 miles. Turn left onto Route 5 and follow for 1/2 mile. Turn right on Bridge St. cross over into New Hampshire and take a left onto Dartmouth College Highway/US-10. You will drive along this winding New England road for 15 miles. Once you come into North Haverhill you will take a right turn onto Route 116/Benton Road and follow for 3 miles.

Bradford, VT – From the village center, follow picturesque US-5 north for 6.7 miles. Take a right onto Newbury Crossing Road and follow for .6 miles. This road leads you across the border and into New Hampshire. Take a left onto Dartmouth College Road-NH 10 and follow for 2.3 miles where you will then enter North Haverhill, NH. Take a right onto Benton Road/NH 116 and follow for 3 miles.
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Points South and East (Lincoln, Plymouth, NH)

Plymouth, NH – You have two options coming north. The first route is to travel north on Route 25 from Plymouth. From Route 25 traffic circle drive 27.6 miles. You will wander through the quintessential New England towns of Rumney, Warren, Glencliff, and historic Pike. Once past the Pike Station Store you will look to turn right onto Brushwood Road, continue for 2.6 miles and take another right onto County Road. Follow for 1.7 miles and take your last right onto Route 116/Benton Road and Windy Ridge is a mile along this road.

Your second option is to take I-93 north to Exit 32 Lincoln/No. Woodstock. Take a right off of the exit ramp, follow Route 112 west through No Woodstock.

Lincoln, NH – Oh what a glorious trip this is! Follow Route 112 west for 13 beautiful miles. You will make your way over Kinsman Notch, pass by serene Beaver Pond, and may encounter some wildlife along the way. You will make a left hand turn onto Route 116 south heading towards Benton and North Haverhill. Follow this road for 7 miles to the orchard.
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